Opal's Journey

This is the story of Opal who was abandoned. Opal whose name was Foster which was the name given to her by the Staff at Manassas Animal Adoption Center, was brought into the shelter. No one claimed her. It was discovered she was expecting a litter of pups. They also found out that Foster was well trained. She knew quite a few commands. The speculation was when the owner discovered Foster was going to have pups he/she didn't know what to do and abandoned her. No one knows for sure but it's unusual for an abandoned dog to know several commands. Someone took the time to teach her. So, the Staff at the shelter took care of Foster and helped her deliver her pups. The big fear was that all the pups would get adopted and Foster would be stuck at the shelter for a long time. It just so happened a friend of mine had been looking for a dog. He and his wife missed having a dog around the house. I mentioned Foster to him. He and his wife went to visit Foster and they fell in love with her. They decided to adopt her. After she had her pups she got adopted. They named her Opal. She got adopted before her pups. It gets even better. My friend and his wife decided to move to Colorado. Now Opal not only has a loving home, she has a big beautiful place to spend her days. By the way, all her pups got adopted. It definitely was a win win situation. If you happen to know someone who is looking for a furry companion please suggest to them to check out the local shelter especially Manassas Animal Adoption Center.

Photo Tip of the Day:

To get great photos of your pets make sure you get down to their level, eye level. Those make the best photos.

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