Before Leash Removal

After Leash Removal

Frequently Asked Questions:

My dog has to wear a leash. Is that a problem?

No, in fact most areas where we will have sessions require dogs to be on leash. Leashes can be removed in editing. See images above. Harnesses are a bit more difficult to remove in editing. It's preferable for your dog to wear a regular flat collar unless you love the harness your dog wears. Then by all means have your dog wear their harness.

My dog is a bit reactive to other people and animals. How do you handle that?

We can schedule a time and a place where there should not be other dogs and people. If you prefer we can do a lifestyle shoot at your home or a studio type shoot in your home or my basement studio.

My dog will not sit still long enough. Can we still do a photo session?

Yes, many times it just takes the dog a few minutes to relax. We can take breaks. Being on lead is helpful to get some good shots. We can even start off with action shots. I've worked with a wide variety of dogs at the shelter. It just takes some patience and time.

Can I be in the photos?

Absolutely! You and your family members can be in the photos. Keep in mind the more people the more time it may take to get it all done. We can discuss this in more detail during your consultation meeting.

Can my other dog be in the photos too?

Yes, any other dogs you have can be included as long as they are all from the same household. Keep in mind the more dogs the more time it may take to complete the session.

Do you only do photo sessions of dogs? How about other animals?

I've done photo shoots of animals as small as baby mice to as large as horses. My volunteer work at the shelter has allowed me to take images of dogs, cats, rabbits and all sorts of little critters.

For other questions you may have, feel free to contact me.